Deployable Shelter System


  • Expeditionary Shelters
  • EST Part #506018EL   
  • MSRP $634,687.18
  • EST Part # 506018ELAC
  • MSRP $866,417.08
  • EST Part # ES3518QG
  • MSRP $769,755.00




  • Replacement Membrane
  • EST Part#TPOH10
  • MSRP $1,339,000.45
  • EST Part#FARH10
  • MSRP $968,589.22


Expeditionary Shelter Solar Systems


MSRP: $492,325.79


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Expeditionary Shelter Systems

Shelter systems can be designed in multiple configurations.  They are easily deployed for short or long term ​use.  Please visit our other pages to learn about our shelter generator systems, solar systems, heating and cooling solutions.


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