Deployable Shelter System


  • Expeditionary Shelters
  • EST Part #506018EL   
  • MSRP $634,687.18
  • EST Part # 506018ELAC
  • MSRP $866,417.08
  • EST Part # ES3518QG
  • MSRP $769,755.00




  • Replacement Membrane
  • EST Part#TPOH10
  • MSRP $1,339,000.45
  • EST Part#FARH10
  • MSRP $968,589.22


Expeditionary Shelter Solar Systems


MSRP: $492,325.79


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Expeditionary Shelter Systems and Accessories

Shelter systems can be designed in multiple configurations.  They are easily deployed for short or long term ​use.  Please visit our other pages to learn about our shelter generator systems, solar systems, heating and cooling solutions.  Visit our other pages to see our shelter cooling system options, hot water generators, lightning protection systems and LED lighting packages.

Lighting Protection System

Shelter Lightning Protection Systems or LPS

- meets all DOD, Army Corps of Engineers, UFC, NAVFAC, NEC, NFPA standards.  Perfect for multiple shelter types, rapid setup and take down.  Includes lightning rods, grounding wire, connectors, standards compliance report, etc.  Ideal for munitions storage or other sensitive items.


  • EST Part #SLPS3E7   
  • MSRP $17,995
  • EST Part # SLPS4E7
  • MSRP $29,995
  • EST Part # SLPS5E8
  • MSRP $49,883



Shelter Doors and Winch Openers

Door systems

Can be customized for multiple shelter types, rapid setup and take down.  Doors can be soft sided, hard sided, folding, roll up, or panel type doors.  EST offers manual openers and electric winch openers.  Please contact us for your application.  We can provide doors to fit existing structures or retrofit manual openers to electric openers.


  • EST Part #EXPSDW1500
  • MSRP $15,995
  • EST Part # EXPSDW3000
  • MSRP $19,995
  • EST Part #EXPSDW5000
  • MSRP $45,995
  • EST Part #SHDS16X16R
  • MSRP $9,995
  • EST Part #SHDS16X16F
  • MSRP $8,495
  • EST Part #SHDS20X18S
  • MSRP $18,795
  • EST Part #SHDS20X18F
  • MSRP $16,654



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