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EST Companies LLC

2166 E Cedar St, Tempe AZ 85281

120 Hobart Rd, Blythewood SC 29016

471 Blue Star Hwy, Douglas MI 49406

15101 Mainside Center, Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

94-150 Leoleo St #119, Waipahu HI 96797

535 Chalan Pale Ramon Haya PMB 859, Yigo GU 96929

(623) 535-3060







At EST we like to think of ourselves as a small business with a massive footprint, conducting business across the globe. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, we are a young yet rapidly growing company. We strive to be the best in our field by providing the highest quality products, integrations of multiple solutions, turnkey installation, on-going maintenance and service updates.

EST provides outstanding support during all aspects of each project from design, construction, installation and testing, service and maintenance.



EST Companies works with A&E firms to integrate industrial equipment into multiple facility types. EST has worked on multiple Design-To-Build and Design Build projects. EST can assist A&E firms with conceptual designs, layouts, and specifications.

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EST Companies performs onsite equipment installation around the world for its products. EST can perform all tasks associated with equipment installation; running conduit for electrical controls, above ground plumbing including pipe threading, welding, confined space entry, onsite component fabrication and all other associated tasks. All EST employees have attended training for NAVFAC/USACE EM 385-1-1, MSHA-40 and/or OSHA-30. Additionally, employees are certified for specific tasks as required by the AHA for that specific task, these certifications may include: forklift, ariel lifts, rigging, fire-watch, ladder safety, confined space, fall protection, LOTO, First-aid/CPR and many more ensuring a safe worksite. EST supervises the project from start to finish ensuring both the general contractor and customer are fully satisfied with the equipment and work performed.

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Corrosion Hangar LED lighting retrofit - Hickam AFB, HI

Service and Preventative Maintenance


EST Companies provides maintenance and service on all wash equipment regardless of the manufacturer. Service technicians show up onsite in a fully stocked service vehicle and are fully trained to handle various complex systems. EST will work with the customer to design a PM program that meets their specific needs. EST has PM contracts that cover a single facility up to entire bases, we also have experience as a subcontractor on multiple BOS Contracts and other base wide facilities support service contracts.

Dual 300-ton chiller replacement - JBPHH, HI

Hey Eric.png

U.S. Army Garrison Japan Wash Rack - Sagami Japan

Key Capabilities

  • Facility Modernization:

    • Office Upgrades, Repairs & Maintenance, Electrical Upgrades, Energy-Saving Solutions (LED/HVAC/ETC), Equipment, and Installations

  • Specialty Construction Services:

    • Equipment Replacements, Server Room Upgrades, UPS, Generator’s, Fuel Tanks, AC Upgrades, Wash Racks, PEMB’s, concrete slabs, and Heavy Equipment Installs

  • Government Office Upgrades:

    • Space Planning, VTC Rooms, Flooring, and Furniture

  • Historical Facility Upgrades:

    • Extend Useful life of historical facilities

  • Wash Systems and Solutions

    • Aircraft Wash/Rinse, Equipment/Vehicle Wash, Trailer Based Units, Water Cannons, Pressure Washers, Wash Rack Design, Defense Washdown Systems, Retrofit Existing Wash Systems, Wheel Wash/Track-Out Prevention

  • Turnkey Equipment Procurement

Pump Out.jpg

OWS repair contract - Camp Pendleton., CA

Who We Serve

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Air Force Logo.png

Past Projects

Aircraft Wash Racks


Project Title: Taxi-Thru Aircraft Rinse Rack Facility

Period of Performance: 5/2020 - Present

Location: RNZAF Base Ohakea, NZ

Organization Supported: NZ Airforce

Contract number: Subcontractor to Fulton Hogan Ltd

Description of work: Design, install and commission an aircraft rinse system for the NZ P8 aircraft program.


Project Title: Replace wash rack equipment at Hangar 811

Period of Performance: 5/2020 - Present

Location: Travis AFB

Organization Supported: USAF

Contract number: Subcontractor to Supply Core

Description of work: Design, install and commission an aircraft rinse system for the C5 aircraft.

Project Title: Automatic Outdoor Aircraft Rinse Rack Facility

Period of Performance: 7/2019 - Present

Location: Reykjavík, Iceland

Organization Supported: NAVFAC – Atlantic Division

Contract number: Subcontractor to Rizzani de Eccher USA, Inc.

Description of work: Design, install and commission an aircraft rinse system for the US Navy P8 aircraft.

Project Title: C130J Aircraft Wash Rack

Period of Performance: 2017 – August 2018

Location: Davis Monthan AFB, AZ

Organization Supported: USAF

Contract number: Sub Contract to CTI Construction

Description of work: Design, install and commission an aircraft wash system for the C130J aircraft. System includes hot water 25GPM wash guns, high flow foamer system, pressure washer system, containerized equipment, OWS, PLC HMI control system.


Project Title: Clear Water Rinse System

Period of Performance: August 2017 - Present

Location: Kaneohe, Hawaii

Organization Supported: US Navy

Contract number: Sub Contract to PaveTec

Description of work: Design, install and commission a clear water rinse system system with under spray trenching, automated spray monitors, wind correction. System includes automatic monitors, pumps, water filtration equipment, VFD controlled pumping system.

Vehicle and Wash Equipment References/Installations


Project Title: Provide and install fire truck wash rack

Period of Performance: May 2020 - Present

Location: Waipahu, HI

Organization Supported: HFD

Contract number: Sub Contract to Nan Inc

Description of work: Design, install, commission and train personnel on wash rack for the HFD, high pressure hot water wash, high flow water cannons, automated control system PLC with touch screen HMI.

Project Title: Provide and install watercraft decontamination system

Period of Performance: Feb 2020 - Present

Location: Liberty Lake, WA

Organization Supported: WADFW

Contract number: PF200002AS

Description of work: Design, install, commission and train personnel on wash rack for the control of aquatic invasive species, system if turnkey including all required watercraft attachments, automated control system PLC with touch screen HMI.

Project Title: Manual Pressure Washer System

Completion Date: December 2016

Location: Charlotte NC

Organization Supported: Carolina CAT

Contract number: 302097

Description of work: Installation and support of a new hot water pressure washer system for washing equipment in the repair shot for Carolina CAT Charlotte. 5 GPM @ 3000 PSI

Project Title: Two Stage Truck Wash System

Completion Date: November 2016

Location: Tonopah, Nevada

Organization Supported: Nevada DOT

Contract number: PC 08300000066842

Description of work: Installation and support of large above ground vehicle wash rack to include Hot water pressure washer, separate steam system, water cannon, solvent application. System includes automatic under spray and outside spray bar to clean trucks. System is closed loop with complete filtration system.

Project Title: Vehicle Wash System

Completion Date: January 2016

Location: Big South Fork National Park

Organization Supported: National Park Service

Contract number: P15PD03457

Description of work: Installation and support of a new vehicle wash system for washing trucks and machery. Includes hot water 3000 PSI pressure washer, 30 GPM water cannon, closed loop filtration system and wash pad.

Wash System Maintenance Contracts

Project Title:  Preventative and Emergency Service for Equipment Wash Rack

Period of Performance: June 2020 - Present

Location: Pinecastle Bombing Range, FL

Organization Supported: US Navy

Contract Number: Subcontract to Pontchartrain Partners, LLC

Description of work: Conduct preventative maintenance and emergency service on a heavy equipment wash pad with filtration.

Project Title:  Service Call for AGE Washrack (Hydrosite)

Period of Performance: April 2014

Location: Al Udied Air Base, Qatar

Organization Supported: United States Air Force

Contract number: Sub Contract to Emcor Gov’t Services

Description of work: Provide repairs to a Hydrosite located at Al Udied Air Base in Qatar.

Project Title: Logistical Support on USMC III MEF Wash Racks

Period of Performance: October 2013 - Present

Location: Kaneohe, HI

Organization Supported: USMC

Contract number: M67854-13-T-9510

Description of work: Perform monthly preventative maintenance and unscheduled maintenance for USMC wash racks at Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Project Title: Repair and Maintenance of US Army Wash Facility

Contract Number: W912CN-10P-0356

Location: US Army Pohakuloa Training Area, Hawaii

Description of work: Provided service to bring older closed loop wash rack (hydrosite) to full operational condition.  Provided labor, expertise, and materials. Was able to be onsite within three days of award.


Project Title: Car Wash, Installation and Maintenance

Contract Number: FA4877-11-Q-0453

Location: Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

Organization Supported: US Air Force Aircraft Maintenance and Regeneration Group

Description of work: Provide new car wash, installation, monthly preventative maintenance, and emergency service of two bay carwash system.

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